Getting to know Coach Bryan Whitlock, an inspiring and motivating force in the world of Fitness

In this article we turn our attention to Bryan Whitlock, an accomplished, inspiring and educated coach making an impact within the world of fitness and sports. I asked Bryan a series of questions in the form of a Q and A. Below you can check out our interview.

I was born and raised in Rochester, NY and I attended School of the Arts as a drama major. My heart was always into sports. I went onto college, attended the University of Mount Union, where I received my bachelors of science in exercise science. A few years later I attended Gardner-Webb
University where I received my masters of arts in sports education. Currently, I am a Division One collegiate strength and conditioning coach.

Almost everyone in my family played sports; my mom, dad, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. I was a two sport athlete throughout high school and college, I played football and ran track. I’ve competed in state championships, national championships, won a national championship, and a number of other team and individual championships throughout high school and college. I always knew I wanted to coach once I was done playing sports.

One of the things that fueled my inspiration to become a coach were my experiences with coaches I competed under. Long story short, I had
some bad coaches. All of my coaches weren’t bad but the majority of them were and which was one of the reasons why I lost love for the sports I played. Now that I am a coach, I prioritize giving my all to the athletes I work with to help them reach their full potential and to have a great experience.

Depression was my biggest adversity. The route I took to get to where I am now wasn’t the easiest. There were times where my days, nights, and sometimes weeks felt dark and abandoned. Committing suicide wasn’t just a thought, it was a possibility during that time. It took a lot of prayer,
talking and spending time with the friends who actually care, and family to bring me out of that depressive state. It took a lot of me wanting me to survive to get out of that depressive state. I am thankful and blessed that I am here today. Now, I believe nothing can stop me. I came out stronger, wiser, and more appreciative of life and its lessons.

What separates me from other coaches is that who I am, the impact I make, and the environment that I create can’t be replicated, only experienced.

I love graphic design and photography. Looking to get into videography but that will come with time. I currently handle my department’s instagram account and most of the pictures and graphics posted are of my creation. At some point I would like to become great at it and do it as a side gig. I used to
write poetry and performed a few times. Hopefully I can get back to doing that.

I have a few projects that I am working on but it’s something I will keep to myself but stay tuned.

In 5 years I would like to see myself wiser and more courageous than I am today.

Embrace the process and be consistent. Just know that whatever you set out to do, whoever you set out to become, it may not happen in 6 months, it may not happen in a year, it may not happen in two years but at some point your dreams will become a reality.

Instagram: @coach.whitlock



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