Getting to know ISHMAEL, a rising musician making a powerful impact in the music industry

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In this highlight we turn our attention to Josh Logan, more commonly known as ISHMAEL. A rising musician who is making a mark in both the music industry and his community.

Tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from, grew up, what H.S./College you attended, etc.

I’m from the west side of Rochester, man. Went to School of the Arts for voice. I sang in a touring choir and was an athlete before I rapped actually, (haha).

I did a year in college but dropped out after my professors pulled me into a room and said “look man, we see what you’re doing w the music and it’s really good…you should just focus on doin that while you’re young” lollll so shoutout to them.

What inspired you to get into music? What inspired Bimmer Music? Early experiences worth sharing?

My uncle used to watch BET when I was a kid, god rest his soul. I just remember seeing Pharrell, Ye, Wayne, just thinking they were so cool bro. I wanted to be that, you feel me? When I was in like 4th grade, my music teacher assigned us a project and said “whoever makes the best song, I’ll play on the radio” which was CAP (lollll), but ever since that day, I just didn’t stop writing. I was 9 or 10. My cousins were the only actual rappers I knew, so I would call them every day and spit over the phone for validation (lollll). They aint tell me I was good till like two years after or something like that though.

As far as Bimmer Music, it was a freestyle that I was never gonna put out. It’s a fun joint but at the time I was just focused on other things, the team pushed me to drop it and it just blew up. we aint go crazy with marketing or anything, it was just word of mouth.

Talk about a time where you have faced adversity/conflict and have triumphed.

Yeah 2020 was hard for sure. I left a label deal after two years. There was a lot going on with no transparency, so my lawyer and I just felt like it was best to dip out. I just started to move as an indie artist with a major label mindset, I had a lil bread and applied it in ways I know they would. With that being said, my first indie drop was hella successful.

What do you believe sets you apart from other musicians in show business?

It’s the way I actually care bro. . . the time, the details I put into every record, album cover, music video. I care about the craft, it’s the only thing I know. A lot of artists these days do it cuz they think it’s easy, a quick come up, etc.

Do you have other interests or hobbies?

Film, fashion, interior design. I like traveling and seeing new shit man. I like animals too, i have a cat.

Any projects you have out or or currently working on?

The first EP is on the way. It’s been a long time coming, never been more excited for something in my life.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

2027? Sheesh, a nice crib filled with inspiration, maybe somewhere remote with a studio set up. An award or two, or three, (ha). Collaborations with some of my favorite artists/creatives. I’m still passionate and ambitious, but fulfilled knowing i made an impact in my community and pop culture as a whole. . . actually not fulfilled cuz i’ll always have another goal I want to reach, but you know what i mean.

What advice can you give in regards to individuals looking to enter your line of work?

Believe in yourself, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and take chances. Work with people that believe in you, and when you start to establish your team, make sure communication is key in those relationships.

How can we follow along in your journey? YouTube? Social media? Sites?

Instagram sickishmael

Twitter sickishmael

You can also find me on Youtube and Spotify.

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