Getting to know Mercedes Desiree MD an Inspiring and Accomplished Author, Poet, Content Creator and Entrepreneur

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In this article I was fortunate enough to interview Mercedes Desiree MD, a published author, poet, entrepreneur and content creator who enriches others through self expression, confidence, intelligence and tenacity.

Tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from, grew up, what H.S./College you attended, etc.

My name is Mercedes Desiree, and I am originally from Rochester, NY. I’m a published author, poet, business owner, and content creator. I am the creator, sustainer, and destroyer of my reality. I refuse to allow anyone to put me in a box of what they feel their version of me should be. So I paint my reality how I want and maintain a unique lane of unapologetic living through my creativity; a true artist. I am everything; I am nothing; I am a being that exists in whatever way I choose.

What inspired you to be an artist? What inspired you to be an author and content creator? Early experiences worth sharing?

My inspiration comes from things I remember doing in my dreams or ideas that come to me when I am in intense meditation. When it comes to poetry, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember how to write, lol. I’ve always had a passion for expressing myself through different art forms such as acting, music, writing,


The book I wrote evolved from a personal challenge I created for myself to overcome writer’s block. When I completed that original challenge (12/31/2020), I realized that the whole thing was an initiation process. The challenge was something my spirit created to help me understand that I could accomplish more than what I saw for myself at the moment. Writing a book became practical because I saw the amount of material I could create and just took it from there. I got the idea in January, and by August of that same year, I had a book written and published!

The brand I’ve created with Black Swan Meditation and the brand I’m building with my new store Solatif honestly just came to me in the same method I mentioned earlier (back to those dreams, lol). There’s no groundbreaking or dramatic tale to make it sound more entertaining to read about, lol.

I’m very strategic and meticulous in executing all of my ideas. Still, I also rely almost solely on my intuition when it involves whether I should pursue anything that comes to me. As I’ve learned to trust myself and my talent more over the years, I have become more comfortable exploring and sharing my creativity with the public.

Talk about a time where you have faced adversity/conflict and have


Remembering who you are in your most natural state is challenging. Living life ensures you will encounter different forms of trauma and that trauma doesn’t exclude anyone. So those experiences have to be worked through and purged out appropriately to remove the blockages keeping you stagnant in your purpose for being here. Once you learn who you are (if you do), it’s easy to forget because there are so many distractions and illusions that can take you out of the frequency of your perfected self. So because I know this, any time I can keep the remembrance of who I am is a triumph because the goal isn’t just to find/remember yourself but to also stay in that form.

Nothing I have obtained physically or energetically was given to me. I earned it through consistency, discipline, and moving in the perfected frequency of whatever I said I wanted. I can only do that in remembering who I am because if I say that I am everything (which I stated earlier), that means I have acknowledged my responsibility for my existence and everything in it.

If I am who I claim to be, everything in my perception reflects me, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. So I have to move accordingly. That’s how it is with me, constantly watering the seeds of my reality.

What do you believe sets you apart from other artists, authors and entrepreneurs?

Ultimately everything boils down to energy. Authentic energy cannot be replicated, compared, or substituted. My energy and spirit speak for themselves, and just as I can’t be anyone other than me, the same rings true for any other creator, artist, entrepreneur, etc.

I love this question because I used to find myself comparing myself to others way too often when I was younger. That came from the illusion of insecurity I was feeding myself, and I had to do a lot of work to extract those thoughts/feelings of doubt out of my psyche. Now I know better.
As long as someone is tapping into the gifts they were born with and not trying to fit into a role that’s not authentic to them; there isn’t a need to worry about setting yourself apart. Beings that operate on the same frequency will naturally find each other and resonate equally. So I don’t feel the need to ponder what sets me apart because no one can do what I do in the style I do it in.

Do you have other interests or hobbies?

I’m always learning and getting into new things to stimulate my mind. At the moment, I have a significant fascination for aviation and learning about new technology that can help with global warming and sustainability. I also love young people and take any opportunity presented to connect with them (especially teenage girls). I feel it’s important to pour into younger generations because it’s our responsibility as adults to give encouragement and motivation to them. It’s our job to teach them how to avoid our past mistakes and not judge them. Plus, they keep me young, so everybody wins, lol. Everything comes full circle.

Any projects you have out or currently working on?

I have a few things I’m working on that are upcoming later this year, but my current focus is continuing to build my brand for Black Swan Meditation. I have quite a few new ideas I’m implementing into my content, and I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback, so I’m excited to see where the brand expands. I also recently created a new store/brand called Solatif (Secret of Latif). I provide jewelry, personalized spiritual baths, and body care products. The store focuses on providing spiritual items without sacrificing the esthetics of beauty or luxury, combining the best of both worlds. Everything is handmade by me, and my products work.

Although I don’t broadcast it, I am a fully initiated Sumerian and Brazilian
occultism practitioner and a high practiced/ranking practitioner of Sufism. I also run a legitimate coven. So I am certainly qualified to provide spiritual products and consultation. I also put specific formulas into my products to ensure they can provide what I claim physically and energetically. The dope thing about it is that you can buy my products for aesthetic or spiritual reasons, and it will still work just the same.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

This question is interesting because if you had asked me a year ago if I saw myself doing some of the things I’m doing now, I wouldn’t have pictured it. One of the things I’ve learned in my experience is that whenever I would try to place a projection or limit to where I wanted to be, I would unknowingly place myself in a box based on what I thought I wanted. Whenever I allowed myself to flow, I would end up in places and doing things I couldn’t conceive in prior moments. Because of those learned lessons, I will say that I only want to continue cultivating peace within myself and my surroundings. Everything else is icing on the cake for me.

What advice can you give in regards to individuals looking to enter your line of work?

An essential factor in anything you do is to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Too often, people pursue an avenue because of the prestige and title they think they will receive from society and not from a place of sincerity. Having that kind of mentality leaves room for you to burn out quickly, become discouraged, or never feel true happiness in any accomplishments you’ve made in the area you wanted. That’s because you’re operating from a place of ego. Because the ego is fragile, one is always looking for a way to inflate it, like constantly looking for your next high. Temporary satisfaction only takes you so far. So be sure there’s depth and realness behind whatever you want to do, so when you feel uncomfortable or unmotivated, you’ll remember the foundation on which you stand.

How can we follow along in your journey? YouTube? Social media? Sites?

The most direct way of checking out my work is on my website

If you want to check me out on social media here are the links:


Instagram (Black Swan Meditation) #1

Instagram (Blackswan_md)

Link to my new store Solatif:

Link to my book here:

You can find my podcast on Apple, Google, Stictcher and other podcast platforms(and of course my website).



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