Introducing Mike Lowe, a collaborative actor determined to leave his stamp in the film industry

In this highlight, we turn our attention to Mike Lowe, a collaborative actor determined to leave his stamp within the film industry. I asked Mike a series of questions, below you can read our insightful interview.

My name is Mike Lowe, I was born and raised in a beautiful town called Mount Vernon, New York. I graduated from Mount Vernon High School in 2001 and went off to college in Long Island in which I attended NYIT. Also attended the Art Institute of New York where I studied digital film making. After a few years of school and working for certain companies, I found out what I really wanted to do, was something I was doing from the beginning which was acting and film work.

The thing that inspired me to act and to take wit more seriously was just the love of all aspects of the film world. I’ve always loved acting even making a few home movies with old friends and directing it and filming as well, so this came natural to me. I met Reggie Altidor in 2012 working for Costco as a parking lot attendant and we connected on a film level something I wasn’t expecting, I never thought would happen. He suggested I play a role in one of his films and from there it went to a friendship and film career. I have always wanted to act and Reggie showed me I do have natural talent for it. Since then I have been in dozens of independent films and web series as well as skits over the years.

The only time I really had to face any adversity was when I went for a role that I really wanted. I didn’t get, I think that it was due to the fact that I did not have any hair for the audition. So what I did was I made a fake profile and came in there with a wig on and audition for the role they didn’t even know it was me I ended up getting the part but I didn’t take the role…. That was my triumph.

The thing that I feel like separates me from others is that I have a determination that I get from seeing my parents struggle to keep me out of trouble and on be on the school type flex. I am a blank slate that is willing to learn at anytime. I’m very approachable even though my face may not show it sometimes. The main thing is, I just want to learn and grow as an actor.

Oh yes I have some interest and hobbies. One of my main interest is being behind the camera as well as in front of it. I fly Drones in my spare time, I love to let my drone just fly and sore through out the town or area I’m in. I enjoy video games as well big fan of them all. Metal Gear Solid is my all time favorite. I’m also a big fan of music of all genres. Reggae and Rap tops them all. Above all, I just love and cherish being a family man.

As of now I’m working on a few independent projects that have been personally attached to, so kinda keeping everything under wraps until it’s all in the can. I’m also working on some skits to keep myself and the the team skills sharpened. Just always ready and willing to work. A few things lined up but I never count my eggs till they hatch.

In the next five years I would like to see myself in a position where I can take on roles that can actually show my diversity within these times, and also to show hard work and dedication can overcome any type of circumstance’s brought your way. I also see myself being in the beginning process of owning my own production studio, where I’ll be able to film movies and other content. I feel the need to drive this process by making an impact in the entertainment industry with my talents.

The main thing I can advise to anyone trying to come into this line of work is, don’t take anything personally and don’t expect anything from anybody because you did something for them. Work hard and keep your head down and always remember who helps you towards your goals, keep them close to you if possible.

You can follow me on all media platforms by searching OKLowe Productions. I’m not hard to find.



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