Providing Sustainable Products for both the Kitchen and Home, Meet The Sustainabowl, A product by Bamboozle

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In this highlight we turn our attention to The Sustainabowl, a dishwasher and microwave friendly biodegradable product by Bamboozle, a company dedicated to working towards providing sustainable products for both the kitchen and home. Bamboozle’s kitchenware is made from a bamboo fiber blend combined with a mixture of cornstarch resin and polypropylene (the recyclable plastic that water bottles are made from). They have been working over the years to reduce the plastic content in our products, from 50% in 2015 down to 15% in this new material, called Astrik, a product some call The Most Sustainable kitchen product around.

What is Astrik, you ask? Astrik is made from PLA bioplastic and bamboo fiber, where raw materials are grown in the earth instead of extracted from it. Farms local to processing plants and factories reduce emissions-heavy transport to a fraction of the distance. Creating PLA itself only emits a fifth of greenhouse gases that traditional plastics do. The final product is sturdy, dishwasher and microwave safe, and composts within 2 years once you decide to throw it away. This material will debut as a 3-piece mixing bowl set during their Kickstarter event in October 2018. (site:

As it stands today pollution is at an all time high with articles, such as USA Today even pointing to the ingestion of small plastic articles due to the earths pollution. There have also been articles pointing to the recent effects of air pollution caused by the poor maintenance of our shared environments. These reports can be found in numerous reports however for this particular article, USA Today was a trusted source.

What can we do about it?

Through the years, healthy resolutions have been brought forward to keep the earth green. By moderation of natural resources, recycling, and incorporating as much Green Energy items,appliances, vehicles etc. we can begin to reverse the damage done to our planet throughout the years. But what if I were to tell you that every time you prepare a meal, you are actually helping to keep the earth green and healthy? With the biodegradable Sustainabowl, you are doing JUST that.

How does Sustainabowl work?

Well not only is the process of making a Sustainabowl eco friendly, with raw materials combined in an injection molding process using heat and pressure from specialized machinery; As mentioned before the product is biodegradable, which means it composts within two years of being thrown away.

Below are some Key Features associated with Sustainabowl

Key Product Features:

Dishwasher Safe

Microwave Safe

Composts within 2 years once thrown away

Ergonomic handle

Interior measuring tree

Tilting base

Non-dribble spout

Where can I get one?!?

Sustainabowl, a product by Bamboozle, is available for purchase here. With the Holidays coming around, this will make the perfect gift for your loved one and for our shared earth. Be a apart of the movement and get your Sustainabowl today!



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